How YOU can help

The Gi Project


The Gi Project helps you meet BJJ friends all over the world! If you do martial arts, or you support the martial arts you are a welcome part of our family! It’s so simple for anyone to help grow the Gi Project.

The Gi Project contributes Gi (uniforms) Tops and Bottoms, Belts, and any other used sparring/training gear to kids in need worldwide.  Don’t have a Gi to donate?  Gi’s can be purchased (at cost) at Tai-Kai Martial Arts in Liverpool, NY.  
Where to send your new or used gi’s:  
Tai-Kai Martial Arts C/O “The Gi Project”
911 Old Liverpool Road Liverpool, NY 13088.
Once you no longer use your gi we will clean, repair, then ship your gi to a friend somewhere in the world who will now be able to do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!
We send our Gi’s from America to friends all over the world.
Our Mission is to help other kids learn brazilian jiu jitsu with their very own gi!
VALENCIA’S TIP #1 How to Help!





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