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Hi my name is Valencia and I am eight years old.  I have been practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) for about three years and I love it!  When I was seven years old I was reading an article in Jiu-Jitsu magazine about kids in Brazil who don’t have gi’s (uniforms) to wear when they practice BJJ.  



My gi was getting small and I figured I could take my old gi and donate it to someone in Brazil!  I told my parents that maybe I could get my BJJ friends to do the same thing.  Then I came up with the idea that we could help more people if they did this too.  I go to homeschool and my mom and dad said we could make this a school project.  I decided to call it “The Gi Project!”

So my dad and I made a website. I thought if I had a website I could tell even more people.   They could even send me all the used gi’s and we could clean them and fix them up to send to friends in Brazil.   BJJ has taught me to be more confident and learn how to be a problem solver not a problem maker!I love BJJ and I hope that other kid’s get a chance to learn it too.

Thank you!

-Valencia 🙂

So this is my website and I hope that you will help me help others!                                                                                                                 PLEASE BE A PART OF “The Gi Project”  E-mail Me:  HelpTheGiProject@gmail.com

I was Inspired by this video by Kyra Gracie!  


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